This site is dedicated to establishing, growing, and nurturing robotics programs in and around The Villages.  The programs will be self-sustaining and run under the auspices of an independent 501(c)3 organization called BEARS (Buffalo Engineering and Robotics Society), whose mission is to establish, grow, nurture, and fund the robotics efforts in and around The Villages, FL.

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8/15/18:  FIRST® LEGO® League Buffalo Bytes competition season has officially begun!  Buffalo Bytes will continue with last year's students only this season.  No new students will be accepted at this time.

1/20/18:  FIRST® LEGO® League Buffalo Bytes competes at the Spartan Challenge, Milwee Middle School, Longwood, FL.  Buffalo Bytes dominates the robotics table at the competition, wins the table competition, but needs to improve their work on the research presentation, and core values presentation.  They will not advance to Regionals this year.

1/6/18:  FIRST® LEGO® League Buffalo Bytes volunteer assists at RoboPalooza, an FLL competition in Ocala, FL.

10/24/17:  FIRST® LEGO® League Buffalo Bytes has a full team roster of 10 students, the maximum allowed by FIRST®

10/1/17:  FTC Team "B^2" dissolved due to lack of school support.
8/10/17:  The 2017/2018 FIRST® LEGO® League Buffalo Bytes competition season has officially begun!

5/3/17:  The Enrichment Academy has agreed to run "Robotics: An Introduction" (aka SuGO)
                        Fridays, Oct 6 - Oct 27, 2-3:30, Lake Miona Recreation Center
                        Fridays, Feb 2 - Feb23, 2-3:30, Lake Minoa Recreation Center

4/24/17:  Buffalo Engineering and Robotics Society has submitted applications to The Enrichment Academy to use Robotics in The Villages.

1/31/17:  The Villages Daily Sun newspaper ran an article on FIRST® LEGO® League Buffalo Bytes, page C11.  Click here for a scanned image.

1/14/17:  FLL Team 23284 Buffalo Bytes to compete in their first FLL Robotics Competition in Apopka.
               Buffalo Bytes WON FLL Animal Allies Best Robot Design!
               Buffalo Bytes qualified for Central Florida FIRST® LEGO® League Regional Championship Tournament on March 4, 2017!

1/7/17: FLL Team 23284 Buffalo Bytes takes a field trip to "Robopalooza" in Ocala.

12/15/16:  FLL Team 23284 Buffalo Bytes makes presentation to The Villages Horsing Around Club

10/30/16: The Villages Daily Sun newspaper ran an article on FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) and the need for Volunteers.  Page C11.  Click here for a scanned image.

10/29/16:  FLL Team 23284 Buffalo Byters takes a field trip to Sunstate Organics in Ocala for research.

9/25/16: Volunteer Coaches/Mentors needed to assist with the FTC B^2 team.  Please visit the Volunteers tab for more information.

9/10/16: FTC Robotics 'KickOff' Field Trip to Tampa!

8/23/16: FLL (aka "Advanced Robotics") begins in "Buffalo Adventures Program" on Tues/Thur.

8/22/16: SuGO begins in "Buffalo Adventures Program" on Mondays thru Oct 3, 2106.

8/17/16:  BEARS has officially been granted a 501(c)3 status by the IRS!  Please click here for the approval letter.

8/3/16:  FLL has shipped the 2016 "Animal Allies" Challenge Set!!  FLL Buffalo Bytes will be assembling the Challenge Set during the first two weeks of practice.

7/25/16: Volunteer Coaches/Mentors needed to assist with the FLL Buffalo Bytes team and the FTC B^2 team.  Please visit the Volunteers tab for more information.

7/25/16: Buffalo Adventures After School Program has approved FLL Buffalo Bytes to practice on Tues/Thur starting August 23 through the end of their 3rd nine week session!  Please visit the FLL Buffalo Bytes tab for more information.

7/23/16: Buffalo Adventures After School Program has approved SuGO to run from Aug22 through Oct3 and Jan9 through Mar6 on Mondays!  The Aug22 to Oct3 sessions can be used as the Pre-Requisite for the FLL Buffalo Bytes team!

7/7/16:  BEARS is coordinating with the "Buffalo Adventures Program" to allow FIRST LEGO League team "Buffalo Bytes" practice time during the 2016/2017 competition year.

7/7/16:  BEARS is working with The Villages Charter Schools "Buffalo Adventures Program" to get SuGO into their program again for the 2016/2017 school year.

5/23/16:  FLL Team "Buffalo Bytes" has officially been registered for the 2016/2017 competition season!  Please see the "Buffalo Bytes" page for more information.

4/21/16:  Camp Villages has elected NOT to move forward with SuGO Socials during the summer for the grandchildren at this time.  If you would like to see SuGO Socials in Camp Villages, please contact The Villages Recreation Department.

4/15/16: The Villages Charter School High School has named their FTC Team "B^2".  More to come on what the B's stand for...

4/5/16: The Villages Daily Sun newspaper ran an article on FIRST® Lego League (FLL).  Page C12.  Click here for a scanned image.

4/4/16:  Buffalo Adventures After School Program has approved the formation of a FIRST® Lego League (FLL) team for the 2016/2017 season!  We will start in latter August and hope to compete in early January.  More news to come!

3/30/16:  The Villages Recreation Department was so pleased with the SuGO Socials (see 2/17/16 Update below), they requested continuing them for Camp Villages for the summer of 2016!  Camp Villages runs from June 6, 2016 through August 5, 2016.  BEARS is currently in discussion with The Villages Recreation Department to finalize a SuGO Social schedule in Camp Villages.

3/28/16:  The Villages Charter Schools High School is trying to start a Robotics Club after school for the 2016/2017 school year.  BEARS met with them to discuss the FIRST® continuum.  The Robotics Club will be using FTC (FIRST® Tech Challenge) as the base for their program.  BEARS will assist the high school as much as they need.

3/22/16: The Villages Daily Sun newspaper ran an article on SuGO for Villagers.  Page C10.  Click here for a scanned image.

2/17/16:  The Villages Recreation Department has agreed to host Robotics Socials!!!  SuGO Tournaments will be held as outlined below.  Space is limited to 24 participants.  Look for details in "The Villages Recreation News" in the Thursday editions of "The Villages Daily Sun".  $15 per participant for 3 hours of fun filled SuGO Robotics!

                    Day                Date            Time        Where
                    Monday         March 21     1-4 pm    SeaBreeze Regional Recreation Center**
                    Wednesday   March 23     1-4 pm    Rohan Regional Recreation Center**
                    Wednesday   April 20        1-4 pm    Colony Cottage Regional Recreation Center
                    Wednesday   May 11         1-4 pm    Lake Miona Regional Recreation Center
                    **Children and Grandchildren are welcome to participate.

1/20/16:  FIELD TRIP!  Several of the Buffalo Adventures After School Program Robotics Participants attended a FIRST® Lego League Tournament at Foundation Academy in Winter Garden Florida.  It really opened the eyes of the kids AND the parents on what FLL is all about...

1/12/16: We are now using last year's FIRST® Lego League competition field in the Buffalo Adventures After School Program.  With so many repeat students in the sessions, we need to challenge the students with more than SuGO!

8/25/15:  The Villages Charter School System has approved SuGO Robotics in the Buffalo Adventures After School Program for the 2015/16 school year!  BEARS has filed their Articles of Incorporation and will be filing with the IRS for a 501(c)(3) status.  BEARS will begin the implementation of The Plan.

9/23/15:  An application has been submitted to The Villages Lifelong Learning College to run SuGO Tournaments in The Villages Recreation Centers.  The first phase of the approval process has been passed.  The "Interest Survey" will be listed in The Daily Sun in the near future and can be found on their website.  Otherwise, Please keep an eye in the 'Local News section of The Daily Sun for more information.  If you are interested in SuGO Tournaments running in The Villages Recreation Centers, please be sure to express your interest with The Villages Lifelong Learning College.

NOTE:  This site is currently under construction.  Please be patient while more information is added and the format is updated.